HarveyMade Cakes
Homemade and custom cake designs for your special celebrations


  All cakes can be frosted on the outside with vanilla/chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache icing.  


Lemon poppyseed cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream icing.

Into the Forest

Devil's food cake, raspberry preserves, and semi sweet chocolate ganache.

The Chester Cake 

Vanilla or Chocolate cake with cookies n’ cream mousse and oreo cookie chunks.

Chocolate Monkey

Banana cake with chocolate truffle ganache, fresh bananas and banana mousse.

Mr. Marble

Marble cake with nutella and chocolate mousse.

Lucky Bunny Cake 

Carrot cake with pineapple chunks and cream cheese mousse.

White Swan

Vanilla butter cake with raspberry preserves and topped with vanilla bavarian cream.

The Ellie Cake

Red velvet cake with cheesecake mousse.

Salty Dreams

Dark chocolate cake with salted caramel and salted chocolate mousse.

Pink Peacock

Strawberry cake layered with strawberry preserves, fresh strawberries and topped with white chocolate mousse.

The Pasha Cake

White Almond cake with chocolate bavarian mousse.