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Pricing and Ordering guide for cakes

Wedding Cakes

It is my pleasure to create your ideal wedding cake.  Whether covered in pristine fondant or buttercream, and adorned with delicate sugar flowers or real bouquets - each cake is handmade with love. My wedding cakes start at $8 per serving for fondant covered cakes.  Buttercream wedding cakes start at $6 per serving. Minimum of $250. Pricing is determined by  how much detail and time would go into construction of your cake. 




Buttercream Drip Cakes

Buttercream drip cakes are fantastic ways to celebrate a special occasion.  Dressed with flowers, chocolate confections, and macaroons, they offer a visual and scrumptious delight.  Cakes can be single or multi-tiered cakes.  Drip cakes start at $6 per serving, with a minimum of $80.






Sculpted Cakes

Each sculpted cake is unique, and requires increased time for designing, construction,  and detailing.  2D Cakes start at $8 per serving. 3D Cakes start at $11 per serving, with a minimum of $150, and requires ordering 3 weeks in advance.





  • chocolate chunk cookies...$30/dozen
  • cupcakes...$3.25
  • mini cupcakes...$1.25
  • decorated cookies....$3.75
  • macarons....$2.25
  • mini tarts...$6                        
  • large tarts....$40